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Organization Development

What We Do 

Organizations have a life cycle like a living form. They go through stages of development, periods of change, maturity, and even a decline in health.  While most stages are inevitable, it is not a linear or predictable process. Your organization may pass through challenging stages seamlessly, but it just as well may not.  We work with whole organizations, divisions, departments, and teams to identify their organizational health, diagnose what is not working effectively, and find remedies for moving to a higher level of performance and new level of productivity. 

"Kim led two team building sessions and her professionalism was apparent from the moment she got involved. Kim replaced the original facilitator and had to catch up quickly to where the teams were in the building process. Her take-charge attitude never let the focus wander and she maintained control while letting the team members feel that they could open up and be heard. Kim has an ability to understand and draw out people’s feelings and concerns even when they try to hold back. Kim is a natural leader, which is demonstrated through her ability to hold the team’s direction, to keep focused, and to pry deeper or move on- depending on the needs of the situation. Kim has a pleasant attitude and an ability to make each member feel that they are an important part of the team. Kim is excellent at recognizing hidden feelings among the group and converting them to a positive and open dialog. It was a pleasure working with her through this process."
-Larry, VP – Information Technology, Financial Services Industry

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